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Many thanks Michael for a wonderful Prisoner convention weekend. The 601 members
have sent us some wonderful comments about your appearance.
Geoff Lake and Rob Beale on behalf of 601 (http://www.netreach.net/~sixofone/)

Dear Mike & Michael, Heartfelt thanks for a very happy weekend in your company.
Fond Memories,
Ce Ce

Mr. Billington, thanks for the interview and for posting it in your articles section on
your website. My freinds and I watched you & Ed Bishop fight the aliens on UFO here
in the U.S. when we were young lads in the 70s (and still do on DVD!).
Barry King - PHASE II www.geocities.com/skywalker77.geo

You are the sexiest most fantantistic actor ever shallow message but true you are

Totally agree!

How did Michael Billington touch your life? Please share your discovery of this
wonderful man on the www.mikebillingtonfans.com message board.
All contributions most welcome!
Ce Ce (on behalf of the mikebillingtonfans.com team)

I luv Michael x

You were always a great guy, you’ll never be forgotten, Regards and best wishes,

Just heard the awful news, may I extend my heartfelt sympathies to the family, friends
and fans of Michael Billington. To lose both you, and Ed Bishop within days of each
other is an awful loss. Godspeed.

May I just say how deeply saddened I am to hear of the death of Michael Billington.
You were one of my childhood heroes. RIP.
Chris Drake

Please accept my most sincere condolences on the sad occasion of Michaels passing.
Like the earlier message said, he was one of my childhood heroes too. What a
wonderful appearance he made at Portmeirion earlier in the year - such a friendly

I am absolutely stunned by the news of Mikes passing! Did not know him personally,
but in the few chats we had on this and other sites he was quite a gentleman with a
lively sense of humor. He will be greatly missed, and my heartfelt condolences go out
to his family and friends.

So stunned by the news. Michael was a guest at two of our conventions (in London
and Portmeirion). The most down to earth guy I ever met.
Our thoughts are with his family at this very sad time.
Geoff Lake on behalf of 601 (The Prisoner Appreciation Society)

Its very sad to hear this news. Michael was an excellent actor and well known as
Daniel Fogarty in Germany. His part in the Onedin Line and especially the pathetic
love story between Daniel and Elizabeth will be never forget.
Condolences to his family and...
Mathias (Webmaster of www.onedinlinie.de in the name of all German Onedin Line

so sad to read the news mike is now a star in heaven like he was on this earth
debbie b

Farewell to my first heart-throb! Ill never forget what pleasure your performances gave
me Mike and to all Mikes friends and family my sympathy at your loss. I can only say
I was so pleased to eventually meet Mike at a convention a few years ago

You have given me treasured memories I’m sorry we will never meet.
Rest in Peace Michael

I am still stunned by the news of Mikes death. God bless

I am sad not to have met you in person. I came so near.

Can anyone tell me what happened? I didn’t know that Mike was ill.

Great shock to see that Mike had passed away. Always thought the guy deserved
more recognition. Was very pleased he took the trouble to reply to a couple of emails
I sent him. My thoughts are with his family.

Have only just discovered the sad news about Michael yesterday. My heart felt love
and prayers go out to his family, friends and all the fans. Please keep this site going.

Very sad to hear the news. My condolences to his family.
Diana (Onedin Line fan)

Rest in peace my friend, a sad loss to all,

You was great as well as Ed Bishop!! Life is strange, Id like to think that another
Shado section is already operative in a different place but strong just like the one in
Earth. Thats why Commander Straker and Colonel Foster have to go together.......
Luigi from Italy

Mike, You were simply the best actor for years. You will be so sorely missed. Would
have loved to have met you. Rest In Peace
Steve B

Good Bye my friend.
Paolo M.

I am very saddened to hear of the passing of Michael Billington, a tremendous actor
who had real prescence. He will be sadly missed, but will not be forgotten.
Rest in peace Michael.
Alan Spencer

What boy growing up in the late ’60s didn’t want to be Paul Foster? Long may you
live on the small screen, Michael, and I urge fans to listen to his UFO DVD
commentary to experience his real-life charm and wit!

Thank Mike for your friendship, help and all the good moments. As I told you once,
you will live... forever. We will meet again!
Andre from Quebec City

Im an italian fan of UFO; when i was child i was fall in love of Col.Foster and when
i know Mike in Italy, i was too much happy!! Thanks Mike for emotions that give me
and God bless your family especially Mike Junior
Agnese from Italy

When I played in mine band always is called me Paul Foster. Enough this in order to
understand my admiration for you. Always Yours fan. RIP Michael
Paolo from Italy

UFO was as significant part of my life in the 1970s and Paul Foster my favourite
character. I was very saddened to hear of Michaels death - he obviously touched
many lives and will be much missed.

So very sad to hear of Mikes (and Eds passing away. He filled my childhood with
colour and imagination in that all time great UFO. Something that has been with me
for thirty-five years and will remain with me forever. Mike Jnr: grow tall and strong...
Matthew, Simon, Alistair and John.

So often in life, good friends rarely hear how much they have meant to others,
thankfully through this site we had a chance to let Mike know these things BEFORE,
not after. Will miss him greatly. Sincere condolonces to the family, friends and fans.

Im deeply saddened by this news... Michael was a great man and actor and will be
greatly missed.
Marie-France Vienne, Sir Roger Moore Official Website

Michael brought much happiness to me as a child as well as an adult. I have nothing
but good memories about his life.

U.F.O. has always been my favourite T.V. show. Michael Billington was part of my
childhood. I went to the Prisoner convention this year and missed him, now I wish
I’d met him. Best wishes to family and friends.
Dave, Lichfield.

Im very sad to hear about Michael’s passing. He was a wonderful teacher and a
wonderful man. My strongest wishes for his family and friends.
Todd Fredericks

Dearest Mike, I’m so sad about your passing away! You’ve been my first TV crush and
UFO and Foster were and will always be among my warmest memories. You and
Comm. Straker are back together: do a great job up there, as you always did on Earth.
I regret I couldn’t meet you. My condolences to your family and a special hug to
young Mike! With love
Rossella, Italy

Dear Family of Michael, I met Michael at some Bond event occassions and each time
was a pleasure as he was so friendly towards me and I think other fans. He was
always very interested about me and I could se he was also very proud of his son
(as many of...
Anders Frejdh, Sweden www.jamesbond007.se

For many years I admired Mike as a fine actor. Meeting your hero can be disappointing,
but the opposite with Mike. And with such a wicked sense of humour!
I’ll miss you greatly Mike.
Andy Lovie

I think my message got cut off, what I meant to say was... Mike Jnr: Grow tall and
strong, remember your dad everyday because he was the best!

For Mike, He was a hero of mine as a child and I followed his career over the years,
he was a fine actor and gave many people pleasure. I am shocked.
Janet (Chester)

For Mike, I am absolutely shocked. He will be sorely, sorely missed. I have been a fan
for many years, a part of my childhood. Sincere sympathies to his family.
Janet (Chester)

If you follow this link http://www.bondstars.com/michaelbillington/merchandise.htmt
you can buy autographed merchandise of Michaels with the proceeds going to charity.
The best way I could find to remember him at this very sad time.

With sorrow from two generations of Michael’s fans.
The Fox family, North London

to Michael’s son, who he always spoke so glowingly of, and to his family.
Derek Eynon , Bromsgrove

I was a big UFO fan, and as a kid always hero worshipped Paul Foster a bit. Over the
last year or two was surprised to find I could mail him and he’d mail me back. He was
a Highlander fan, like myself, and a supporter of Adrian Paul being the next James
Bond. He seemed such a nice man, very modest, and seemed amazed (but pleased)
so many people were interested in him. RIP, Michael, I feel like I’ve lost a friend.
My sincerest condolences to Michael’s son...
Derek Eynon, Bromsgrove

So sad Michael has passed away. As a tribute to him i watched the episode of UFO
that he first appeared in. the title of the episode was Exposed. He will be sadly missed
by me and other UFO fans.
Andrew Beet

To Mike’s family my sincerest condolences, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
To lose Mike and Ed has really devastated me. I am so sad to lose my two childhood
heroes so close together. Above all thank you Mike and Ed for so very many hours
of pleasure
Mark Harper, Doncaster, UK. Lifelong UFO fan

What a beautiful and talented man. My first TV crush as a child, from UFO days.

It was a great joy interviewing Mike for The Pen & Quill magazine and I enjoyed so
many emails with Mike over the last two years. He will be missed by his fans and
friends everywhere... I hope he gets Ingrid Bergman’s autograph for me while he’s
up there...
David Priol

Recently rediscovered Michael in UFO. Cannot believe the news, sincere condolences
to the family.

Michael was a charming person to meet, and full of lots of good humour.
He will be very sadly missed.
Stephen Griffiths, Staffordshire University.

I am sorry to hear the sad news of Michaels passing. He is now in a better place.
He was wonderful! He’ll be greatly missed.
Gail Russell, US

Dearest Mike, Thank you for your kindness and encouragement. For sharing your
humour, talent, thoughts and memories..... You will always be the most beautiful man
in the universe in every way. I will miss you so much.
Till we meet again, Ce Ce

Hello, I was very sorry to hear about the death of an unsung hero. Through his work
Michael gave people many happy memories, from one of his most noted works U.F.O
which I fondly remember he gave a great performance from this now cult TV show.
I am...
Gary Mack

I had been watching the episode exposed from ufo and just after i finished I found out
about this sad news my sincere condolences to mikes family and friends
kevin cox

So sad to hear that Michael have passed away. I meet him in Glasgow November 2004
and had a long chat with him. What a nice and kind man. He could have been 007 for
sure. He also took a picture of me with my wife together with Maud Adams with our
Torbjorn Pettersson, Sweden

I am very sad to have learned the bad news. Michael Billington was a wonderful actor.
I not only rember James Bond but also the Onedin Line. God bless!
Martin Bablick, Vienna

IŽve never met Michael, but IŽll remember him as a great actor. I light a candle in the
darkness for Michael, his family, friends and his fans.
Jette, Denmark (Cecilia, member on Sir Roger Moore Official Website)

I was a child when Mike played colonel Foster in UFO. He was my favorite character.
Im very saddened by the news. My condolences to his family.

Our thoughts are with Micheals family at this time. Michael was a guest star of The
Prisoner society, SIX OF ONE, on March 11,12,13 2005. He was loved by everyone
there. Michael may you rest in peace.
Geoff Lake on behalf of: SIX OF ONE, THE PRISONER Official Appreciation Society

I was saddened to hear of Mikes passing away. He will be missed by his fans.
Steve C - USA

I was shocked to hear of the sad news of the passing away of Michael, I didn’t realise
he had been so ill, I had the pleasure of meeting Michael at Autographica 2000, like
many people I grew up with UFO and I have memories of watching Michael when I
was 10...
Martin Townley Essex

I am deeply shocked to hear of the passing of Michael and Ed Bishop. I loved UFO as
a child, and it will always be special to me, even more so now.
Michael and Ed were fantastic actors and will be sorely missed.
Steve S

Michael will be missed very much. Although best known for his wonderful work in UFO,
he was a man of great range and talent. He was an actor who was not always
recogised for that range, but those who have seen him in those vehicles will always
Elizabeth Anne Carleton-White Conway NH, USA

I knew Michaels mum and dad and met him once. They were all lovely people and I’m
really sorry to hear of his passing. My thoughts go to his family.
Pam Harper, Cumbria (formerly of Isle of Man)

With so many fans , Mikes talent was obvious. He will be missed.
My thoughts go to his family at this time.
Dale M. Stockholm, Sweden

Michael will be sadly missed by his countless fans throughout the world.
I would like to send my deepest sympathy to his family and friends at this sad time.
Katie Lambert

Mike junior. There is much love for you. I see you foto on ISOSHADO. You are good
looking boy like papa. Let all know who you live with now and where. We care much.

Although I never met Michael myself, or even saw him in person, I felt like I knew a bit
of him through his work. I came to love him in UFO, and happily followed his career
after that. I always hoped one day Id get to meet him and let him know how much...
Emma Abraham (Chicago, IL)

Hello, Mr. Billington was a good man and a great actor. His abilities were never more
clear than in the UFO episode Ordeal and Kill Straker. He will be missed.
Adrian Kleinbergen

I will treasure all the memories I have of meeting you and being a special friend, you
will never be forgotten...
All my love always, Carie

I wish to send my deepest condolances to you, Mrs Billington and your family.
Especially on UFO, Mike portrayed my favorite character, Col. Paul Foster. Tho I
never met him personally, I was a pen-pal for a short time, and he was, in my opinion
a great guy...
C-J Jim Medd

One of my favourite actors of all time. I can’t believe both you and Ed are gone.
Rest in Peace. A 21gun salute to Col. Paul Foster.
Lyn Chambers

I am so sorry to hear of both Michaels passing and Ed Bishops death as well. Both
were absolutely wonderful people. As I said in my message for Michael Billington,
Ed too is in a better place. Im glad they are together again.....forever.
Gail Russell, USA

Be it as Col. Paul Foster in U.F.O. or in one of the many other great appearences he
had during his career, the best you can say about Michael Billington is - he would
have made a wonderful James Bond/007! I owe you a lot!
Clauss Vanderborg, Germany

Very sad to hear the news
Richard Yelland

I was deeply saddened to read today of Michaels passing away. As an actor, I felt very
much inspired by Michael when he spoke about his career at a Sci-Fi convention in
Leicester in 2001. He made me realise it was time for me to get serious about being
Neil May

I am very saddened to hear of mikes death, I met him last Oct at the Richard Kiel
afternoon at Pinewood and found him a lovely guy. He will be greatly missed.
John Cope

I contacted Michael two years ago to ask him for an interview about James Bond for
the French Club 007. He was very modest and thought it was not interesting for
anybody ro read that. I had to convince him. He accepted and wrote a very cool article
Philippe Lombard (France)

From the state of New Jersey in the United Sates: I was so fond of the UFO series as
a child and rediscovered him through the DVD release. To see the passing of Michael
Billington is saddening. His integrity as an actor and human being will be sorely miss
Humbert Fernandez

Michael last time we meet was a nice dinner in Italy eating gnocchi al pesto with Gito
and other friends. I cant believe it was the last time I saw you. Mike Jr, as always, was
with you. I know you will continue to stay side by side to him especial...

Thanks for sharing your talent with us. Rest in peace, Mike.
Alec Frerichs

Fans in Australia are saddened to hear of the passing of Michael Billington. In a
double tragedy, Michael has left us the same week as Ed Bishop, who played his
commander in UFO. May their families accept sincere condolences from overseas fans
whose lives...
Geoff Allshorn (Melbourne, Australia)

Rest in Peace Mike.
Harry Dieterich

Ive lost a part of my childhood days. Thanks for everythings.

I never met you Michael but through UFO you have been a part of my life for over 30
years. My thoughts and condolences to your family as I sit here with my 3 year old
watching UFO ensuring your memory will live on for generations to come.
Richard K

Well, I think Ill go and watch Michael singing in the sauna, or chatting up a girl on the
Martin Almond

A very sad loss: one always feels the sadness at the loss of a childhood hero and role
model. Michael will be remembered fondly by fans of UFO and The Onedin Line. I
dont feel his true ability was ever fully recognised (he should have played Bond...)
Martin Almond

Its hard to explain how one show can effect someones young life,but that is what UFO
did. Michael Billington was part of my world. It was with great sadness that I heard of
his passing. My sympathies and respect go out to his family and friends.
Mark Davies Hereford UK

Thank you Michael for the good memories of Col. Foster kicking alien butt.
Edwin Hite

I am saddened to learn of the passing of Mr. Billington. My deepest sympathies to his
family and friends. I grew up watching Mr. Billington on UFO, and was very much a
life-long fan of his work on this program.
Kevin Bennett 15391 Russell Avenue White Rock, B.C. Canada V4B 2R2

shoked, he will live forever in my heart
Robert Grenfell

Farewell Michael. Thank you and Ed to lead me in science fiction world since I was a
little child. One of the greatest happenings in my life was to meet you and Ed in
Fiuggi, here in Italy, for Deep Space One convention. Ill never ever forget you. Fly

Michael and Ed Bishop were great people and very good actors. Their performances
are now for the ages and so too are their memories for family, friends and fans.
Mission Accomplished, guys; Godspeed.

Great actor, Great man. My thoughts are with you and your family. Que tu alma
descanse en paz. Amen
Jose Miguel. Caracas-Venezuela Fan Ufo Serie 18/05/2005 - 10.20pm

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