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Most saddened & shocked to hear of Michael’s untimely death. He gave much
pleasure with his portrayal of Foster to very many people. He will be missed very much.
Ian M Faulkner.

What a wonderful actor. I am enjoying seeing him in the repeats of The Onedin Line
at the moment. Sadly missed.

For Michael’s family and friends.... reading these moving entries I can see how much
he was admired as an actor and loved as a person. He must have been a truly
wonderful man. I wish I had met him.
Sara Searcotte-Shayne.X

I always felt Michael never really got the credit that he deserved as an actor, I don’t
think people realised what a good actor he was! And also my first heartthrob!!
god bless Michael rest in peace there will always be a place in my heart for YOU!
Sue xxxx

I never met you micheal, and I’m very sad about this fact as your work has given me
many hours of enjoyment. rest in peace and thank you.
Alan Bailey

I love you, Michael. I’ve loved you since I was 10 years old. My heart is broken to learn
of your death. I pray you’re with God. Love you always.
Dawn K. Moore Sand Springs, Oklahoma

Michael has always been a hero of mine. I was 10 years old at the time of UFO and to
this day remains my all time favourite programme. God bless you sir.
Stuart. England.

A great loss to all UFO fans, his contribution to the shows success was undeniable.
He will be missed
Nick R

A fantastic actor who will be very much missed. Michael brought the character of
Foster to life in a most amazing way. Condolences to his family.

I am shocked to read about Mikes passing. I will never forget how happy you made a
ten year old girl, who received a signed photograph of the man she adored. Im now 42
and still treasure that photo. Thanks Mike and my condolances to Mikes family.
He will...
Nicole, Belgium

I was really shocked to hear that michael billington had passed away and to hear that
ed bishop had as well and only a few days apart, was a big shock, they will be sadly
missed as they were brilliant actors and i was a real fan of theirs in the
gerry anderson...
Charmane Stuart

I was madly in love with him when I was 12. He was gorgeous. I never forgot him
Diane Australia

extremely sad to hear of Michael’s passing, i had the pleasure of meeting him a couple
of times, on the second time i joined both him and francis matthews for a chinese meal
in clacton on sea, on the evening before a sci-fi convention, michael was so polite...
Gavin vaclavik

I am really shocked and deeply saddened by the death of michael billington. U.F.O.
was my favourite show as a kid and i have the complete set on DVD. Watching them
again from time to time as i do wont be the same knowing Colonel Paul Foster is no
longer wi...
Dave Sullivan. London.

Were Utterly gutted! We grew up with U.F.O. and the Onedin Line now cant watch
them without shedding a tear Look after him up there
Hes a goodun
Simon Rhodes & Louise Paling, Nottingham U.K.

Just seen the sad news. Michael will be missed. He is now a star in the heaven just
like on earth.

I am speechless ... he was my idol in UFO and I was proud that we had the same
name ... now he and Ed have both gone and we will all miss them. Thanks for what
you have done in your career.
Paolo D.B. - Milano, Italy

God bless to a wonderful great actor he will be truly missed by me and thousands
more around the world.
Dave Johnston Auckland New Zealand

When I heard the news I was shocked and very sorry. I could not believe that both
Mike, colonel Paul Foster, and commander Ed Straker had gone. UFO has been a
milestone in my childhood. Sincere condolences
Giovanna, Italy

My sincere condolences to Mikes family, particularly his son. My story echos that of
many fans - I was a young girl enthralled with UFO and Mike was my first big crush.
Thank you for the memories - good night.
Diane, Canada

I have just been watching UFO again after so many years. RIP Michael, the acting was
superb and you were a big part of it.
Mike Bara, Los Angeles, CA

I have only just heard of this! I am in shock! Michael will always have a place in my
heart as he provided me with one of my all time favourite TV characters - Paul Foster
from UFO. I truly am sorry to hear of his passing, I simply cant believe it!! He w...
Simon Fritsche

A great loss - My condolences to Michael family - a much underrated actor - who will
be greatly missed.
Andrew Colgan

Bought and really enjoyed watching UFO DVDS recently. Looked up Michael Billington
on web only to find he had died a month ago. So very sad as he was such a fine actor.
:0( Its comforting to know however, we can still see some of his greatness through
Peter Bennett

My sincerest condolences to Michael’s family. Today, via the net I found out about the
loss of both Michael and Ed. From my childhood to now I have enjoyed both the actors
and that great show. Thanks for the memories and rest in peace Michael.
Ian Broughton Derby (UK)

I thought you were such a great actor and the most handsome of men. I just wish you
had become James Bond or Superman.
Tim Kelly

My deepest condolences to Michael’s family. I have adored him from the first time I
watched UFO and am very sorry to hear of his death. He will live on in many peoples
memories. God bless.
Christine, Norfolk, England

I found this man to always be a joy to watch, no matter what his character would be.
I first saw him as Paul Foster on UFO and have loved him since. More than 30 years.
I will miss him.

My deepest condolences to Michael’s family. I have been a fan of UFO all my life, and
to learn of Michael and Eds passing is extremely sad. When I first heard the news
(through the Fanderson website) I was stunned, and was in a state of shock for hours
Chris Honey. Manchester, England.

You were my hero back in the seventies, starring in UFO. I recently bought all the
UFO DVDs which brought back fond memories. When I read that you had passed
away I was deeply saddened and so was my wife. God bless.
Nick Sargent

UFO was one of my favorite shows as a kid growing up. Michael was great in that
show! He will be missed. He was too young...
Robin, New Haven, CT USA

My condolences to the family. I enjoyed Mike Billington’s performances as Col. Foster
on the DVDs TV series UFO - he will live forever there.
R. Jang Vancouver, B.C. Canada

one of my heros from my youth died ... my condolences to the family. for those to
whom he gave joy and many hours of best entertainment he will never been forgotten
and I’m only one out of many. in our hearts you will live forever, Michael !
andreas foerster, austria

I was sad to hear of your passing. You were one of my TV heroes. Only skilled actors
can make the scripts live for the fans ....

For Many happy UFO Childhood memories
Peter Rush

michael billington was a great person. My thoughts to his family and friends
garry hole

UFO was a great show and you were an integral part of its success, the fact that I
watched the program when I was ten years old and still love it today at age forty three!
must prove it. Mike - RIP.
Chris Reeve, Norfolk UK.

Shocked and very saddened as I only found out today that Michael had passed away.
Words fail me at this point in time and I will always remember Michael as a fine actor
and the Bond that never was. A very sad day for me, I will treasure my memories.
Gary Haigh (Magician)

A fantastic actor who would have made a great James Bond. RIP
Michael D. Sims

When I was a young girl in the 70s i always loved ufo specially you in it and Straker.
So sad that you have gone my dream would have been to have met you, but sadly
that will never be. God bless you will always be remembered.
Dawn Calvert (a dedicated fan)

Your work will live on - you were the best and will be loved forever.

Michael, Thanks for all the memories you gave us. God bless and rest you.
John Murphy, Westport, County Mayo, Ireland.

Mr. Billington was a hero we looked forward to watching as Paul Foster on UFO
growing up here in the states. Now with the DVDs we can enjoy him for years to come.
He granted us an interview just last year and it was a dream come true.
Godspeed Mr. Billington
Barry King - PHASE II www.geocities.com/skywalker77.geo Atlanta, GA USA

thanks michael for ufo, and the great escapism from reality.

michael was my teacher at lee strasberg acting school, london for a while in the late
eighties, and i am saddened to hear of his death. he was larger than life, with that
kind of burt reynolds brawn about him. my fondest memory is of riding with him on
the tube, and him talking just a little too loud about spending a day with liza minelli
and judy garland.
thanks michael,
simon x

I was a fan of UFO as a small child and now I have just bought the dvds and its
magic once again to see michael and the rest of the cast in this wonderful series,
very sorry find after googleing that he has passed away - see you later Michael
Ivan Sestan

Michael wished me success in pursuing a career in video production, when I was lucky
enough to have met him at the N.E.C. last year. For this and the UFO series, Im very
grateful to you. R.I.P. Michael.
Pete Kowalyk

A tragic loss,Goodbye Mr.B!
The Devon Seaside Devils

After watching the Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me on DVD, I browsed the internet
and came across Michael Billington’s site and learned that he died only about two
months ago. My condolences to his family, friends and fans.
Edwin S., of Makati City, Philippines

Ciao Colonnello Foster, ci mancherai!
Alfonso Italy

Ero un bambino che guardava affascinato la serie UFO che ha lasciato unimpronta
nella mia adolescenza. Di Michael ricordo la spontaneitÓ della sua recitazione e il
fascino che emanava la sua persona. Sicuramente con lui Ŕ andato via un pezzeto
della mia v
Mori Fabio. Venturina

Michael you will be sadly missed.
Alistair Cox, London

Michael was a great actor and unfortunately most people only remember his TV work.
His stage work was always worth seeing especially his performance as Milo, with
Robert Flemming, in Sleuth. This was a fabulous performance, far superior to the
film cast.

I was a teenager when I saw my first episode of UFO and very quickly fell in love with
the dark haired, incredibly handsome Col. Paul Foster. I fell in love with the character,
with the series, and discovered the world of British television. Today, for th...
Deb Townsend, Shakopee MN, USA

From Argentina, a country in the very south of the world, I write these lines to
remember my childhood’s hero and favourite actor. When I was a boy I always had
in my dreams to know Michael personally. As I grew old, reality got me far away of
my dreams,
Carlos Capasso

I first became aware of Michael Billington in u.f.o and thought he was great. I was
very keen to watch out for other things he was in. I was very shocked and upset to
learn of his passing. He was a fine actor who came across as a very nice bloke.
Jon nelson culcheth warrington

To Michael... Wherever you are, thank you for those wonderful memories watching
you as Colonel Foster and dreaming of the stars...
Rozz - Malaysia

Thank you for giving me such a great childhood. You will never be forgotten. Rest in
peace my hero, you will be remain in my thoughts for the rest of my life. God be with
you and your family.

just got the sad news. michael thank you so much for the great memories from my
childhood up till my 41st year still watching you.. and many more to come. cant
believe I’m crying at my age but you where a part of my youth goodnight, god bless
TO you and all

Dear Mike just wanted to let you know yesterday I passed my Access to HE and today
20 Sep 05 officially became a full-time undergrad student at Preston University. The
beginning of a life long dream!

I was at school with Mike and have fond memories of him.
RIP mate.
John Jack Foreman

In the early seventies I was a fan of UFO and my hero was Col. Foster. He was
fantastic; Michael will live in the hearts of his many fans all over the world....
Hardy from Germany

He will forever live - he is imortalized in the onedin line + ufo.
Leon Will

In the early seventies a small boy was stuck in horrible boarding school. He was only
allowed to a TV for a short while at w/ends. UFO was THE escape from that prison!
You and Ed liberated his mind. For that the small boy, and me the adult long since
James, Leeds

Very saddened to hear the news, you were a childhood hero of mine. I always wanted
to be Paul Foster when i was young, though i never grew up to me as handsome as
you! A real good actor. RIP

I’m really disappointed to know Michael is dead. when I was young he was one of my
heros and now something of my past is dead. Really mike you were great in all the
UFO episodes. Rest in peace Mike you will ever and ever be with me any time Ill see
my tap...
Paolo from Milan

Mike was one of my childhood heroes in UFO. I lived in Buckinghamshire at the time it
was filmed, so the drama seemed very local to me. I was a totally devoted and
besotted fan. The series still has a peculiarly warm and nostalgic feel, which I cant
Max Pemberton.

This is a great shock at losing such an icon of my childhood. Michaels role of Col.
Paul Foster in UFO must have been mimicked in playgrounds the length and breadth
of Britain during the early 1970s. My playground memories would’ve been a lot duller
Andy C (Mansfield)

You’ll be missed Mike. I’ve enjoyed your work for years but Ill most fondly remember
you for U.F.O., where you were the joint lead. During the time this series was on,
every man in the country stopped wanting to be James Bond and instead wanted
to be Colon...
Richard Yardley

Good bye Col. Foster, Good bye Michael. Maybe that you will not remembered as a
movie star, but you will live forever for thousands of boys who dreamed to be as
Col. Foster.
Amedeo Ceci (Italy)

My thoughts are with Michael’s family. I only knew Mike when we were in amateur
theatre together & have followed his career ever since. A sad loss for such a young
Pat (Tuck) Scears

you will be sadly missed
andrew newton

I became aware of Michel’s work through UFO which I loved as a child. I bought the
two boxed sets on DVD recently. I was greatly shocked when I heard of Michael’s
death. Sadly another part of my childhood gone. R.I.P Michael
Jon Kirkman: Liverpool England

I had the pleasure to correspond with you many years ago, and remember your
kindness and sense of humour to a doting fan. Ill always remember you, god bless.
Scott Egerton

I knew Mikes work of course but only knew him personally for a couple of all too short
years. I was deeply shocked to see his name in the Equity journal list and cannot quite
take it in. Like many of us, the business to which he dedicated himself treated...
Charlotte Kasner

good travel Foster!
Fernando Oviedo Mexico, city

Thanks Michael for all the good times you gave me.
Federico Bozzano (Italy)

When I was a boy I wanted to be like Paul Foster. This is the best thing I can say
about Michael. He’s not dead, he’s acting for God and will live eternally as his fans
will remember him forever. Thanks Mike!!!
Carlos Devizia - Paso del Rey - Argentina

Though we know that time has wings, were the ones who have to fly.
Thanks for everything, Michael.
Jonathan M

Un dolore profondo nella mia anima che mai ha voluto crescere, quello che mi hai
trasmesso lo puoi trovare ancora immutato, se le emozioni sono la vita, la vita tua
ancora vive.
Cristiano Cristanini

addio Mike e grazie di avermi fatto passare alcune belle ore a guardarti come Col
Paul Foster

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